I am a computer science undergraduate student at the University of Washington, Seattle. My research interest lies in compilers, performance engineering, and developer productivity.


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GCC (commits or patches)
The GNU Compiler Collection (GSoC’23)

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Poac (commits)
A package manager and build system for C++

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LLVM / Clang (commits)
The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure

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Rust (commits)
The Rust Programming Language

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MitamaCppResult (commits)
A monadic C++ library for result<T, E>

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c++: Implement __is_invocable built-in trait
GCC, May 2024

Implement SemVer Requirement Parser
Poac, Feb 2024

c++: Accept the use of built-in trait identifiers
GCC, Dec 2023

c-family, c++: Look up built-in traits via identifier node
GCC, Dec 2023

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